Exploration Kits


Ampli science experimentation kits enable rapid experimentation and practice of molecular biology, chemistry, and experimental design concepts without costly instrumentation and troubleshooting equipment. Through hands-on exploration, mirror the same experiments that leading researchers practice every day. Ampli experimentation kits utilize interchangeable, modular components that intuitively connect like LEGOs. Combine multiple Ampli exploration kits to increase experimentation possibilities.  In the classroom or at home construct real-world health and wellness sensors and diagnostic devices.

Disease Diagnostics

How do doctors triage sick patients? What is a protein and how does gold indicate disease? Practice molecular biology and fluid dynamics through a real-world application by constructing a medical diagnostic. Apply the same scientific principles and experimental techniques that diagnose infectious diseases to construct and optimize a health diagnostic.


Wellness Sensors.

How are chronic diseases monitored and prevented? What is an enzyme? Practice clinical chemistry techniques to construct multiple health wellness sensors.



Paper Fuel Cells

Salt. Paper. Foil. Explore electrochemistry to create a timer and practice intro circuitry. Power a light, a buzzer, and more.

Click Hydrodynamics

Manipulate fluid flow with geometry, chemistry, and more. Apply fluid dynamic principles to create a timer, blender, and compete in a fluidic ‘footrace’.